About Us

It all started with turquoise tutus...

M+E was born a little over twenty years ago when we first met at a local dance studio in downtown North Attleboro, MA. It was there, in that tiny dance studio, twirling around in turquoise tutus, that a friendship was born. We journeyed through life together, attending the same schools from pre-school to 12th grade and cheered together for just as long. We were attached at the hip some days and mortal enemies the other, but we were then and have remained, best friends through it all.

Flashforward and those little girls we once were have discovered their passion: wedding planning. We both got engaged fairly young and immersed ourselves in anything and everything wedding related. Eventually the hypothetical “we should start a wedding planning business” came to an end and here we are.

Michaela Meekins


I am an old soul to the core, still believing that snail mail is the best way of communicating (don’t @ me). I have always had an eye for design and found myself going to school for fashion merchandising. There is nothing more satisfying to me than pulling together a cohesive story through various elements. I have a level of OCD that stresses most of my family members out, but really comes in handy when it comes to planning events. I am a constant over-thinker and I promise I’ll keep myself up at night coming up with the perfect wax seal to stamp your wedding invitations. I love creating things for other people—there’s nothing better than that “nailed it” feeling. I’m the introverted awkward one, it’s so nice to meet you!

Ericka Quigley


I am a hopeless romantic, a lover of all things dark + moody, and a bit of a control freak (okay a BIG control freak). I am a planner at heart. Whether I am planning events, vacations, or the next ten years of my life, I am happiest when my future is mapped out to the minute (just ask my husband…). I am a paralegal by day, but don’t let that fool you. I am a creative person at heart and I am always down to try something new, wild, or even bizarre. If you want an all black wedding or a bouquet full of café au lait dahlias I’m your girl! Nothing can stop me when I get a spark of inspiration and I do most of my thinking out loud— as you’ll come to notice. I’m the extroverted weird one, it’s so nice to meet you!

Like our friendship, let’s create an event you’ll cherish forever